Octopus 6"

Size: 6″ (153mm). Two baits per pack.
The super soft & stretchy material and hollow head allow for the insertion of egg sinkers or other weights into the head for a clean look with no hardware visible. This also allows for the pivot point to be centrally located inside the octopus head, allowing you to control movements with greater finesse for the presentation you want.

Popular in Japan, it is also proving to be an effective bass bait here in the US. It is like a large tube bait, or maybe a skirt, but one that is profiled with suction cups, fortified with scent and has a uniquely profiled, bulbous head with large protruding eyes. Bass seem to really like it.

Made of the same durable material as other Nikko baits, this bait should last through dozens of catches. When fished with egg sinker inside the head and the hook dangling freely below, the bait will last even longer as nothing ever punctures the bait and it slides up and out of the way when battling a fish.

All models are scented with Nikko’s effective all natural blend of fish attracting ingredients. Scent is built in; just stretch to recharge.
All octopus models are UV fluorescent. All of Nikko’s soft baits are biodegradable, toxin-free and swallow-safe.

Comes in a non-resealable pack. It is recommended that after use, the baits be returned to the original pack and then enclosed inside a zip lock bag in order to maximize scent retention.

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