Necktie Worms

Size: 4.7″ (120mm) 3 baits per pack inside tray & resealable pouch. Currently, 9 colors available.
These are pretty cool worms! The long slender profile, curly tail and tapered “ballsy” end make this the most unique worm around.

Great for bass and crappie. Even with the slender cross section, this worm is tough! It is not easily broken and will last through many, many catches. Just put them back into their folding plastic case after use.
Generally fished 3 ways:
1. Just like an ordinary worm (TX rigged, drop shot, etc.)
2. Folded in half “Double Barrel” rigged on a jig head, TX rigged or drop shot.
3. Snipped into halves or smaller pieces to be used on small jig heads or ice fishing (or under bobber).

Floating. Scented. Durable…will typically last through dozens of catches (use thin wire hooks). Biodegradable. Toxin-free. Swallow-safe for wildlife. Will not dry out or harden in sun.

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