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Club Tail Worm

Club Tail Worm
Brand: Nikko Fishing Baits Model: 321
Product DescriptionNikko’s popular paddle tail worm is available again in Nikko’s green pumpkin color.All of Nikko’s bass worms are floating, scented and super tough. Each worms should last through dozens of catches.These worms are also the most customizable worms on the market. A hole in the si..
Junebug Club Tail Worm
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Brand: Nikko Fishing Baits Model: Junebug Club Tail Worm
3 worms per pack. 6″ club tail model. Floating.Tail action is smooth, fluid and subtle, making this model a favorite of semi-pro’s and serious fishermen who use Nikko’s worms regularly.The centrally located hole allows for customization by inserting weights, rattles, light sticks, scent or other..
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