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Dappy Cadisfly 0.9 - Dark Brown Gold Flake

Dappy Cadisfly 0.9 - Dark Brown Gold Flake
Dappy Cadisfly 0.9 - Dark Brown Gold Flake
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  • Model: 947
  • Weight: 0.50oz
  • Dimensions: 0.30in x 1.30in x 0.20in
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Small 0.9″ model. 10 larvae per pack.
This smaller version has a solid body. Often fished on fly rods or with small jig heads (collarless jig heads recquired), but a split shot or small bullet weight and almost any small hook will do the trick.

Scented with Nikko’s all natural fish attracting ingredients plus some added garlic for even more drawing power. Trout, crappie, sunfish, bass…everything will go for these baits. Super soft and tough, caddisfly baits have lasted into the hundreds of catches on a single bait. Comes in a high quality, convenient, resealable plastic case.

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