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Mayfly - Brown Glitter

Mayfly - Brown Glitter
Mayfly - Brown Glitter
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  • Model: 957
  • Weight: 0.50oz
  • Dimensions: 3.00in x 1.30in x 0.20in
153 samples sold

Size: 0.7″

7 pcs per pack (Dappy brown)

Nikko packs a whole lot of intricate detail into this tiny bait to fool the most finicky and wary of fish. Great for fly fishing native trout, ice fishing or simply put on a small jig head.

Super stretchy. These baits will not tear easily, and will last through many fish and multiple uses.

Will not harden or dry out. Will not harm fish or animals if ingested.
Phthalate and toxin free. Store in the provided plastic case.

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