AIR Shrimp

Size: 42mm (1.62″) body + 13mm (0.5″) antennae. 5 per pack.
Designed for bass and similar predator fish, but equally suited wherever a dark green color is effective. Resembling a de-clawed crayfish and loaded with shrimp based scent, this bait will bring quick action. These baits are just simply amazing.
Bulging eyes fluoresce under UV. Anatomically correct and proportional. Legs and antennae sway and quiver in water make it irresistible.
A vertical hole through the carapace allows for weights, other attractants or simply a few air bubbles to escape bringing added attention to its presence.
Super soft and stretchy plastic will last through many catches. Recharge the scent simply by giving the bait a good stretch. No messy liquids. Will not harden or dry out. Will not harm fish or animals if ingested.
Biodisintegratable. Phthalate and toxin free. Store separately from other plastic baits.

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