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Nikko uses a unique, proprietary nanotechnology to render these baits bio-disintgratable in real life conditions. No high temperatures or special conditions needed. And don’t worry about the baits breaking down in your tackle box after use. They won’t. If stored in their packs, they will remain super soft and stretchy, just like new, for years. Unlike other baits, Nikko’s will not harden or dry out if left in the sun nor swell if left in water.
Did you know that most ordinary plastic baits swell and stiffen when ingested or left in an aquatic environment? Many fish and other creatures often ingest these discarded or lost plastic baits. Unable to disgorge or pass the swollen stiff baits, the fish can no long effectively hunt prey or escape predators, usually leading to their death. Nikko’s baits will never swell or harden if left in an aquatic environment or ingested by an animal. Nikko’s super soft baits will be passed or disgorged, or remain super soft inside the animal without inhibiting its motions. Effective
Nikko’s baits contain no plastisol, phthalates, environmental hormones or any other substance known to cause harm. There are no harmful chemicals to leach out. No matter how the bait is disposed of, nothing harmful will be left behind. Effective
Super Soft
Nikko’s regular super soft baits vary slightly in their softness depending on model, but all have fantastic action and naturally flutter with the slightest of movement, giving an enticing presentation fish cannot resist. Recently, Nikko has released a new line of ultra-soft baits, the Dappy Series, which mimic the feel of a newly molted insect, and yield more catches as fish hold the bait longer making them easier to hook. Nikko’s baits also retain their softness at lower temperatures than other plastics making them ideal for ice fishing.
Nikko’s baits float, giving you greater options in how to present the bait to fish. No need for special jig heads to stand the bait up on the bottom. Antennae, tails and appendages “stand up” and gently move while drawing attention of the fish. Effective
You will be amazed at how many fish you can catch on just one bait! With durability of 10-100 times more than ordinary plastic baits, Nikko’s baits will save you money.
Nikko’s super soft material enables the bait to look and feel real and to naturally move even with the slightest of currents or action. Add in naturally proportioned designs with minute detail and natural scent, you get baits which really bring in the fish. Economical



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