Ikanago Minnows 4.6"

Size: 116mm (4.6″). 5 per pack.
This amazing bait does equally well in fresh or salt water and has become Nikko’s best selling bait in the US. Great for largemouth & smallmouth bass as well as red drum, snook, tarpon, sea trout, tuna (!) and more.
Bulging eyes fluoresce under UV light. Minute details include gill covers, tapered pectoral fins, deep-cut tail fins and stunted anal fins. All combine to broadcast to predators that an easy meal is to be had.

Floating. Super soft, stretchy plastic will provide great longevity through many catches making this the most effective and economical bait of its kind.
Biodisintegratable. Phthalate and toxin free. You won’t go wrong by this bait.
Stretch baits to “recharge” scent. Keep separate from other plastics.

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