TakoBait 3.5" Octopus

Size: 3.5″ (89mm)
3 or 4 per pack depending on model.

By far, our most popular size octopus bait.
Head profile, bulging eyes and suction cups give this bait a highly effective profile. Super soft plastic enables legs to flutter and quiver with the slightest movement. Hollow heads accept weights when fished alone or stopper beads when fished with saltwater jigs. While most of our customers are saltwater fishermen, these baits are also great for largemouth, smallmouth, crappie and other sunfish. They are like a highly profiled tube.
Super stretchy. Long lasting through many fish and multiple uses. In most circumstances how this bait is fished, this bait is really difficult to wear out.
Keep separate from other plastics.
Will not harden or dry out. Will not harm fish or animals if ingested.
3-pack = resealable packaging; 4-pack = not resealable packaging
See 2nd page for complete selection.

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