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Junebug Club Tail Worm

Junebug Club Tail Worm
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Junebug Club Tail Worm
  • Stock: Out Of Stock
  • Model: Junebug Club Tail Worm
  • Weight: 0.50oz
  • Dimensions: 3.00in x 1.30in x 0.20in
150 samples sold

3 worms per pack. 6″ club tail model. Floating.
Tail action is smooth, fluid and subtle, making this model a favorite of semi-pro’s and serious fishermen who use Nikko’s worms regularly.
The centrally located hole allows for customization by inserting weights, rattles, light sticks, scent or other attractants.
Hollow from head to central hole. The tail is solid (i.e. solid from the hole to tip of tail).
Scented with a garlic blend of Nikko’s all natural blend of fish attracting ingredients.
Super stretchy. Very durable; often lasts 20-50 bass, often more.
Keep separate from other baits.

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